Sunday, December 17, 2017

What clients say about working with Tony and Toni

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While I was initially sceptical about the process I have found it extremely rewarding and I loved the one-to-one discussions. The balance of support was unobtrusive and pitched just right. It has increased my level of self-analysis and the coach certainly helped clarify my thinking on issues. Overall I have learnt to be more analytical in my approach to leadership - Big thanks to Tony for his time.

PH – Safety Manager

The sessions with Tony were extremely beneficial with regards to my effectiveness as a leader. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and learnt a great deal that I will use in the future. Tony was very easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable when discussing areas I could/should be improving.


Tony was open, honest and approachable throughout the coaching process…there were no ‘back-doors’! It gave me the opportunity to reflect upon my skills and behaviours and the balance was right in terms of support and challenge.


The coaching was useful to enable me to reflect on my style. It has given me things to think about on how to improve my behaviour and made me more conscious of how I do things. It is particularly useful to have a coach from outside of the organisation as internal managers all seem to have similar ways of doing things and so are affected by the same issues.

Audit Manager

The coaching has been an opportunity to discuss my leadership with someone independent. Tony has a manner that makes it easy to open up with and explore yourself in discussion.


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