Sunday, December 17, 2017

What clients say about working with Tony and Toni

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The team has pulled together and certainly has taken on the challenge for improvement. Individual behaviours have been held more to account, more direct in accepting internal coaching and keeping commitments. I believe that especially in key individuals I am seeing marked improvement in leading by example. They have also provided direct feedback to myself on areas that I can improve on, which I appreciate. Overall I am seeing improvement in the targeted areas in my team and in my own actions.

Function Head

Tony provided good opportunities and tools to help in the area of leadership. More importantly for me, he has allowed period to reflect on issues of self-confidence which have recently impacted my effectiveness. New and raised levels of confidence have helped deliver our most recently completed project within the planned timescale and with positive feedback from the client, the team members and the MD.

Performance Evaluation Team Lead

I have learnt to trust my judgement more. I now spend more time explaining what the client wants to my team and allow them to solve more problems, pushing them to deliver solutions. As a result team members are more willing to take on new tasks and activities.

Head of Business Info

The structured approach to feedback, challenge and coaching was very useful and will help the team to be more efficient in its working. The coaching helped with self-awareness of areas of weakness and what can be made better. I found the experience very challenging – thank you.

Site Manager

The coaching gave me a greater acceptance of leadership as a key part of a manager’s responsibility. Tony also clearly took on board issues raised over leadership at higher levels.

Head of Environment

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