Sunday, December 17, 2017

What clients say about working with Tony and Toni

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The coaching was an overall positive process and output and I feel I have improved in my leadership competencies. Tony is an open and easy going coach. I connected with him quickly which helped. I think the relationship worked well and would recommend him again.

Performance Evaluation Team Lead

Feel more able to challenge, be constructive and manage own work to appropriate quality and have increased productivity and delivery focus. Tony provided very effective coaching; he supported, listened, challenged, suggested and critiqued and made me reflect on my own performance.


Feedback tools were the most useful in terms of the work I undertake. I enjoyed the informality of the coaching and the honesty element.


The coaching created time, space and a process to focus on my leadership. It confirmed the value of enhanced leadership behaviours and to focus on key elements of the company’s strategy.

Head of Quality

The coaching has been a useful ‘time-out’ to review my leadership skills and identify where to improve, in particular holding people to account which has certainly helped with the management of the department and dealing with long-standing issues. Tony has been a pleasure to work with, and that helped greatly.

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Training as a means of learning and development has its place. But sometimes the learning and development that is required has to come from the individual themselves and not someone else.

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