Sunday, December 17, 2017

I enjoyed the coaching as it was much better for me to identify my own weaknesses and think about how I could improve them rather than just be taught methods which wouldn’t necessarily work for my style of leadership or personality. This will result in improvements in delivery for myself and my team. I found initial coaching uncomfortable but in a good way. The discussions forced me to admit areas of weakness and therefore prompted me to do something about them. Tony was friendly and seemed genuinely interested in what we do. He provided the right level of prompting to help me achieve improvements.

Head of Health Services

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Why coaching?

Training as a means of learning and development has its place. But sometimes the learning and development that is required has to come from the individual themselves and not someone else.

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Why us?

We are Management Coaches and not Management Consultants. This means that we are expert at understanding humans in business, whilst leaving those humans to be the experts in the business itself.

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