Sunday, December 17, 2017

This paper explores and merges two important fields of coaching; Group Coaching and Authentic Leadership Development (ALD). It develops a theory of group coaching and builds this into a conceptual and evidence-based method of ALD. Design: Four authentic leadership coaching groups were conducted over an 18-month period. Each group consisted of five or six senior leaders and were run once a month over a three-month period. After a threemonth gap, recorded semi-structured interviews were conducted with all participants to capture the learning and behaviour change that these leaders had experienced as a result of the group-coaching programme. Results: A Grounded Theory approach was applied to the analysis of monthly diary and final interview data which resulted in a two-part theory. Firstly, how the process of a group-coaching approach to ALD works, and secondly, what the output of this approach is in terms of individual leadership. A model was developed comprising four core concepts of authentic leadership along with seven sub-categories of key leadership skills. Conclusion: This research brings together the two key areas of group coaching and leadership development and contributes to the field of leadership coaching by offering both a model and a method of ALD. It offers an underpinning theory of each and introduces a model of authentic leadership based on the core concepts of; Conscious, Competent, Confident and Congruent leadership.

Please click on the link below to access the full article published in The British Psychological Society's journal - The International Coaching Psychology Review 2015.

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