Sunday, December 17, 2017

It is 10 years since the Gallup Leadership Institute’s Summit was held to stimulate ideas around the emerging field of Authentic Leadership. The gathering took place to investigate what might be a key construct underlying all positive forms of leadership, which they labelled Authentic Leadership Development (ALD). Over 80 papers were presented and key articles then published in a special edition of The Leadership Quarterly and a volume of Monographs in Leadership and Management. This paper briefly overviews the field, focusing on the part coaching psychology can play in the development of Authentic Leaders. It specifically discusses a group-coaching approach to Authentic Leadership and examines the humanistic conditions that are believed to play a significant part in its effectiveness.


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Why coaching?

Training as a means of learning and development has its place. But sometimes the learning and development that is required has to come from the individual themselves and not someone else.

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We are Management Coaches and not Management Consultants. This means that we are expert at understanding humans in business, whilst leaving those humans to be the experts in the business itself.

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