Sunday, December 17, 2017

This article overviews a group-coaching approach to Authentic Leadership development. A group of six senior managers took part in a three-day coaching workshop designed to help them explore their personal approach to leadership. The format of the sessions allowed each individual to reflect on how and why they lead in the way they do whilst being questioned, challenged
and supported by other group members. The group met for one day a month over three months and after a three month break were asked to give feedback on their personal learning and report on how the experience had helped them in their role as a leader. Evaluation of this coaching intervention was based on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model assessing; Learning, Behaviour Change and
Performance Improvement. The final evaluation level of ROI was omitted due to the inherent difficulties in isolating the correlation between personal development and profit. However, self- reported performance improvement clearly suggests tangible benefits for the individual leaders, their teams and their businesses.


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Training as a means of learning and development has its place. But sometimes the learning and development that is required has to come from the individual themselves and not someone else.

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