Sunday, December 17, 2017

It is estimated that UK organisations spend between £150m and £250m per annum on coaching. Astonishingly, most of these organisations fail to ask the coachee much more than if the session was useful, whilst at the same time asking for, and indeed accepting, assurances from coaching professionals that coaching works. Unless this situation changes, in the long run, coaching runs the risk of becoming labeled and marginalised as yet another management fad.

This study seeks to explore this issue and at the same time add to a very small body of existing research comparing coaching and training effectiveness.

Multi-source (‘360’) ratings of performance have been found to improve with coaching so this study utilised this tool to help answer three key questions; Does coaching increase ratings of management performance? Does training increase ratings of management performance? Does coaching increase the multisource ratings of management performance more than training?

An experimental study design was used, with 23 managers from the same organisation split between two groups of either:  Training or Coaching – both using a 360 Multi-rater instrument as a pre and post measurement,  with 11 questions directly linked to bottom-line organisational measures.

Statistical analysis of the results indicate that coaching is more effective than training in raising management effectiveness.


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