Sunday, December 17, 2017

It is suggested that authentic leaders can be distinguished by four self-related characteristics: ‘the salience of the leadership role in their self-concept, the level of self-concept clarity, the extent to which their goals are self-concordant, and the degree to which their behaviour is consistent with their self-concept’. The aim of this research was to establish if and how authentic leadership group-coaching impacts a leader’s self-concept and self-concept clarity. Design: 25 senior leaders participated in one of five authentic leadership coaching groups run over a twoyear period. Each group met one day a month over three months to discuss how their past/present/future domains influence their leadership practice. The Self-Concept Clarity Scale was administered at the beginning of day one and at the end of day three to see if there was any difference between pre-coaching and post-coaching scores. Results: Paired sample t-tests were conducted on the questionnaire data and results showed both statistical significance (p<.001) and a large Cohen effect size (d=1.01). Conclusion: This paper considers the relevance of the self-concept in the context of authentic leadership development and the results suggest that authentic leadership group-coaching works at a sufficiently deep level to increase participant’s self-concept-clarity. It examines how group-coaching can help individual’s achieve a greater clarity of their self-concept and proposes a combination of social psychology theories to explain why this group format may be so effective.

Please click on the link below to access the full article published in The British Psychological Society's journal - The Coaching Psychologist 2016

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