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Friday, January 19, 2018

“Leadership is lifting a persons vision to a higher sight and raising their performance to a higher standard”  Drucker

In today’s highly complex, diverse and global businesses, leaders have exceptional demands placed upon them. They need to be both active and reflective with both IQ and EQ; and they also need to be able to think tactically, strategically and diplomatically. Our leadership coaching helps to develop the excellence in leaders that enable them get extraordinary results from the people they lead. For example:

  • Responding skillfully to organisational challenges
  • Becoming adapatable and flexible leading change
  • Enhancing the innovative potential of the team
  • Building stronger and more trusting relationship
  • Recognising blind spots and defensive patterns
  • Turning personal awareness into insight and action
  • Accelerating the development of new executives
  • Improve efforts to prevent executive derailment
  • Developing greater emotional intelligence
  • Increase the ability to inspire others
  • Demonstrate authentic leadership
  • Building a leadership legacy


The first stage of the leadership coaching process is defining what leadership excellence means to the individual and what performance and results are required to achieve this. Which capacities already exist and which need developing.



The second stage focuses on the development of these leadership qualities. The coaching here focusses on the development of targetted capabilities that will enable the individual to achieve their vision of leadership excellence.



The final stage focusses on delivery. It tackles barriers to be removed and identifies effective strategies to ensure the successful delivery of the individuals leadership goals, strategy and vision.


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Why coaching?

Training as a means of learning and development has its place. But sometimes the learning and development that is required has to come from the individual themselves and not someone else.

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Why us?

We are Management Coaches and not Management Consultants. This means that we are expert at understanding humans in business, whilst leaving those humans to be the experts in the business itself.

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