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Friday, January 19, 2018

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A Scientific approach to Authentic Leadership Development

Our Authentic Leadership Development program is the first scientifically developed approach to ALD. It has been developed through Doctoral research and supported by an empirical evidence-base published in the Coaching journals of the British Psychological Society and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. So what does this mean for the potential participants and purchasers of this program? Well put simply...it means it works! 

The program is based on a group-coaching approach where a small group of experienced and senior leaders meet for four days over a six month period. During this time they explore, as individuals and as a group, each particpants own 'past/present/future' domains and how this informs and influences their approach to leadership. There are no generic leadership theories discussed - all material comes direct from the leaders in the room. The group is run by two qualified Coaching Psychologists who don't just facilitate the group but work within it, as part of the group. This intensifies the group experience as each participant recieves the maximun coaching in terms of; questions, challenge and feedback on the material they bring.       



A unique feature of this leadership development program is that it doesn't attempt to fit an individual leader into an existing leadership competency framework. In our experience, trying to make leaders something they're not simply helps develop within them a degree of 'Impostor Syndrome'. The principle of this program is to help develop leaders to be the best individual leader they can be...authentically. However, scientific evaluation of the program over several years (see Reference list below) has shown key leadership qualities to consistently emerge from this past-present-future approach to Authentic Leadership Group Coaching

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Particpants regualry report this as being the most powerful leadership development they have experienced becasue it has been about...them! 

What Participants Say

  • The time to reflect was significant and that helped me come to some pretty major conclusions
  • What you learnt from others in the group is hugely significant
  • It forced me to do a lot thinking about the next important step for me
  • The reflection time has been really useful…….life changing really
  • The programme really helped me.…how I go about things in my head has changed as a result
  • It soon became clear this wasn’t a training session but a self-realization session
  • It’s a personal journey really...It touches my brain every day
  • What an adventure!



"Conscious that day 3 was very much about progressing the development of personal authenticity and taking some tangible action(s) towards improving it. I found myself feeling a little nervous that my progress report was more about planning and preparation for change, rather than change it self.  However, yet again, the group session was incredibly supportive, enlightening and very encouraging. This, in it self, is one of the tremendous features of the programme – it encourages you to focus on your own authenticity and gives you courage and confidence to think and do things in your own way. This aspect is probably the foremost attribute I’ve gained from the ALD programme - and it’s having a profound and constant effect on my everyday thoughts and my approach to life’s challenges and decisions.The process of investigating my own values, personality traits and temperament, and then directly linking these to a personal reference for authentic behaviour, has had a deeply motivating influence on me. For me the ALD programme has been like a ‘re-boot’, a ‘registry clear out’ and an awakening. Even though I will undoubtedly need to keep revisiting this material, there is something quite fundamental that has embedded itself into my thinking processes. I probably will never be able to articulate or explain it; however it is there - constantly reminding me - to be me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every session, and would gladly recommend this programme to any experienced senior person who is really serious about being a successful and genuine Leader."

Head of Engineering (Energy Sector)


For more information please contact us: E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T: 01684 575852


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Note: If you have any difficulty finding these papers on Scholar.google.co.uk or Researchgate.net please contact us for PDFs.



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Images from recent ALD Group-Coaching event held in the Cotswolds 

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